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First, please put your mouse over the "?" in Flash-Lock and click on "Check for updates" to see if your software is up to date. If it's not then see if the problem persists after installing the latest version.

If you have a tech support question not answered here or in the FAQ section of Flash-Lock's Help file then please click here. But please check Flash-Lock's Help first!

  • I registered but sometimes while unlocking my flashdrive I get a message that I'm using an unregistered version.  Insert your flashdrive but do NOT run the unlock program to unlock it. Then start Flash-Lock. It should ask you if you want to convert the flashdrive to a registered version. If it doesn't then select "$" on the top menu and then "Register flashdrive"   If your version doesn't have that function then get the latest

  • I'm getting "Error #2, Can't run service" when I try to run my flashdrive/CD on another computer. Check to see if cdm.sys is on the flashdrive/CD. If not, then copy it from \Program Files\Flash-Lock\cdm.sys and burn it to the CD.

  • I'm using Nero for my CD operations and I'm having problems. Try using XPs CD writer instead.

  • XP CD writing wizard cannot write DVDs
    Create the DVD in a Work Folder and when done then exit Flash-Lock and use your favorite DVD writing software to copy the contents of the work folder onto the DVD

  • Filenames are being unscrambled but files aren't being decrypted If you use Avast free antivirus then disable it and you should be able to read your files. Also remember that files copied to the flashdrive when it's locked are only usable when it's locked, and vice-versa, files copied when it's unlocked are only usable when it's unlocked.


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